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Evita® XL

Move to the next level of excellence in invasive and non-invasive ventilation for adults, children and neonates with an advanced, multifunctional ventilator that will help you meet the challenges of modern respiratory care.

Customer benefits

Excellence in Ventilation
The new Dräger Evita® XL is designed to deliver a comprehensive array of both controlled and assisted ventilation modes. The new Evita® XL combines a broad range of performance capabilities with many advanced application functionalities, providing outstanding ventilation therapy and easy-to-use operation encompassing the entire scope of the ventilation process. The Evita® XL helps caregivers find optimal ventilation settings, supports the weaning process and improves caregiver workflow.

Improved software with new features
The new Software 7.0 offers clearer visualization, enhanced ventilation performance and even easier operation. By defining your choice of numeric, graphic, static or dynamic trend data, all important patient values can be displayed at a glance. Additional new functionalities, such as adjustable inspiration termination criteria, optimized I:E ratio settings, easier lung recruitment and the standardized integration of O2 therapy further complement an already excellent standard functionality range.

The new Evita® XL comes with fresh colors and a new housing. The newly designed trolley, based on our innovative transport concept, enables an easy and convenient handling in almost every transport situation.

NIV plus - Innovative non-invasive ventilation

All Evita® XL ventilation modes are also available for use in non-invasive ventilation therapy. NIV plus, the newest innovation in mask ventilation, features an advanced, dynamic leak compensation system that provides adaptive responsiveness and reliable tidal volume delivery. NIV plus offers even smoother ventilation for increased patient comfort and improved handling functionalities.

Help Prevent complications
The new Evita® XL offers advantages that help protect patients every time ventilation support is needed. The Lung Protection Package (LPP) provides you with a low flow P/V maneuver to identify optimal-PEEP and pressure settings for protective ventilation while special recruitment trends monitor the process. Integrated CO2 monitoring helps verify correct intubation and metabolic stability. The early use of mask ventilation has been shown to prevent intubation.

• Ram FSF et al, The Cochrane Library 2005, Issue 4

Stabilize the patient
The new Evita® XL responds quickly to individual patient requirements and changing ventilation situations. Due to the open breathing system with standard AutoFlow® and BIPAP1) /PCV+, spontaneous breathing is possible in any ventilation mode. A variety of workflow support functions, such as O2 suction, routine or automatic P0.1 measurement help streamline your clinical routine.

• BIPAP used under license

Wean from ventilation
The new Evita® XL helps you get patients off the ventilator safely and quickly. The SmartCare/PS automated weaning system continuously analyzes functional parameters, challenging the patient to wean when appropriate. In addition, the mandatory minute ventilation function (MMV) ensures that all patients, from neonates to adults, receive the set minute volume, regardless of the spontaneous breathing level.

Recover quickly and comfortably
The new Evita® XL goes beyond extubation. It can also help you treat and monitor the patient after the invasive phase of therapy is over. The direct availability of non-invasive ventilation (NIV plus) and O2 therapy in a single compact device helps to improve workflows and potentially reduces risk of reintubation.
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