NAYBU MEDİKAL İNŞAAT SAN. TIC. LTD. STI., founded in 2001 as an individual company 'IMS MEDIKAL ELEK. Ve MAKET SAN.' has been importing and exporting Hospital Equipments; Anesthesia Machines, Ventilators, Patient Monitors and Accessories as well as Surgical Tables and Lamps with Professional technical service and experienced sales staff for a very long time. Since 2007, It has followed its activities and policies without compromising the quality under name of 'NAYBU MEDİKAL İNŞAAT SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.'
GT9001 Fetal Monitor

Here are some of the features about this item:

• 8. 4" inch TFT screen color LCD, digital display
and waveform oscilloscope of FHR and TOCO
• Smart design and lightweight; User friendly
• Preset usual functions shortcut keys
• Thermal array printer with high resolution 1200 groups patient information store
• Highly sensitivity
• Reliable rechargeable Lithium battery can
ensure continuous monitoring
• Built-in FIFO

Standard: Fetal Heart Rate,TOCO. Fetal Movement.

GT9002 Maternal Fetal Monitor

Here are some of the features about this item:

• Built-in Battery (for using over 2 hours)
• Wide thermal printer
• 12.1" color TFT; print width 110mm
• 2160 groups NIBP data storage
• Protecting function for the NIBP over range
• Anti-HF electronic surgical unit and anti-defibrillation

Standard: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, TEMP, HR,Fetal Heart Rate,TOCO. Fetal Movement.
Optional: Dual TEMP.
Central Monitoring System


• Two kinds of interface: website and serial port
• Adopt quick and convenient international Ethernet network
• Applicable to connect with lots of medical equipments
• Net interface can be used in connecting simultaneously with 240 units of access device.
• The stabilization of the communication control the data loss at low rate are proved in practice
• The software is simple and easy to operate
• 6 high-resolution optional monitoring display
• Memory capacity on huge patient information, historical patient monitoring information.
• All-round system helps storage and playback of patient physiological data as long as central monitoring system is connected.
• Support superior alarm lock function

Equipment :
1.Over PIV3.0 CPU
2.Over 512M Main Memory
3.Over160G Hard Disk
4.19" display
5.100M Router
6.100M Exchanger
7.Standard Net Wire
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