NAYBU MEDİKAL İNŞAAT SAN. TIC. LTD. STI., founded in 2001 as an individual company 'IMS MEDIKAL ELEK. Ve MAKET SAN.' has been importing and exporting Hospital Equipments; Anesthesia Machines, Ventilators, Patient Monitors and Accessories as well as Surgical Tables and Lamps with Professional technical service and experienced sales staff for a very long time. Since 2007, It has followed its activities and policies without compromising the quality under name of 'NAYBU MEDİKAL İNŞAAT SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.'
MedView Video System

Video can be a powerful workflow and information sharing tool for today's ORs. However, requirements and preferences can vary from one OR to another. That's why Dräger Medical offers the MedView family of solutions to effectively meet your particular video needs.

Product benefits

Designed with your needs in mind
Our MedView video system gives a surgical view for documentation, teaching and training purposes. Ergonomic system design features are providing smooth, easy positioning. The MedView system also offers you a choice of intuitive control options such as a remote control or a wall control. Our MedView cameras include features such as zoom, iris, autofocus and freeze frame capabilities to expedite operations and minimise user interaction. Plus, smooth surfaces and hidden cabling support quick, easy clean-up.-up.

Optimise positioning flexibility
Dräger Medical's Sola surgical light system can be combined with a MedView camera. The sterilisable handle allows surgeons and nurses in the sterile area to position the camera precisely where needed. With its quick-snap connection the MedView camera can be quickly transferred into other camera-ready ORs.

Highly adaptable
Today's modern OR is using displays in a variety of sizes more and more frequently. Dräger offers a display mount that enables you to arrange up to two displays (19" to 24") on a single spring arm. The side handle is adjustable for optimal workplace ergonomics, including a solution for both right - and left-handers as well as an adjustable operating angle. Cables are managed efficiently, thus meeting stringent user and hygiene requirements.
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