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Without light, surgery just isn't possible. Sufficient light is one of the fundamental requirements for the operating room. Polaris delivers superb light, is easy to use and, thanks to its upgrade concept, is ready for the future. Simply good light!

Product benefits

The LED advantage
High power LEDs last up to 25 times longer than conventional halogen or gas discharge lamps while consuming just a fraction of the energy. This translates to significant savings for both you and the environment. The LEDs used by the Polaris will provide approximately 30,000 hours of quality illumination.

Polaris - simply good light
The Dräger Polaris line of medical illumination systems represents a union of innovation and proven technology. The Polaris provides the kind of dependable, high-quality light you have always wanted.

Two models to choose from
The Polaris comes in two sizes. The Polaris 700, which features 54 reflectors and a total of 108 LEDs, provides you with up to 160,000 lux of illumination. Polaris 500 has a total of 60 LEDs and, with up to 110,000 lux, is a good choice to expand on the performance of the Polaris 700. Both lights produce a color temperature of 4,600 K for a realistic and detailed view of the operating field.

Easy to maintain, ready for the future
Because progress in LED technology is so rapid, we expect even more efficient diodes will be available in the near future. The modular design of the Polaris means that upgrading to these new LEDs will be easier and more economical.

Functional, award-winning design
The Polaris casing design features smooth, seamless surfaces for easy cleaning. It conforms to the hygiene standard DIN 1946-4:2008-12 for use in laminar flow environments and is equipped with large, integrated handles for easy positioning. In fact, its design was so convincing that it received the prestigious red dot design award 2008.

Camera option
Two additional light heads, the Polaris 750 and 550, offer a quick-mount camera option which replaces the central handle, letting you document procedures whenever the need arises. The camera functions can be controlled by non-sterile personnel.
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